Additional Services

Aging Accounts Receivable

Aging Accounts Receivable

No practice wants to leave money on the table, this is exactly what you are doing by ignoring aging A/R. Accurate Billing Group LLC will take a look at your aging A/R at no cost to you and will discuss your options on collecting money owed to you.

Practice Consulting

We love helping new clients get on the right path to a thriving and successful practice. We can assist you with starting the practice you envisioned. Accurate Billing will be with you every step of the way. From software to patient scheduling, we will keep you on track and focused. You are trained in the medical field and we are experts in the medical billing field. Let us know if you need help starting your new practice.

Is your practice established but you need a little help? We can train current office staff and refocus the practice putting everyone involved on the path to success.


When you put your trust in Accurate Billing Group LLC to handle your billing, you can trust we will handle your accounts receivables (A/R). It is very time consuming to track and monitor your A/R. You as the client are always kept current and will always be able to monitor what is owed to you and what you have collected.

Insurance Verification

Insurance verification is one of the most important components to success. It is the very first step in the billing and revenue cycle. Without verifying a patient's insurance, you have no way of knowing how or if you will be reimbursed by the insurance company.

Verifications are time-consuming and not always straightforward. If you do not ask the correct questions, you may not get the much-needed information to verify the health insurance. Therefore, most billing companies will not offer this service and attempt to put this task off to the provider's front desk staff or the patient. What if you do not have front desk staff? This is where Accurate Billing Group comes in.

Accurate Billing Group completes insurance verifications on your behalf and provides your practice with a fully verified patient each and every time.